Thursday, August 12, 2010

Or... Maybe Not

So I just read my last couple of posts and the last one said something about having less than six months before my next one. Yeah, so about that...

It's interesting how not into blogging I am anymore, and it seems to be a common thing. I haven't even checked the blogs in my favorites in several months, but today I took a look. I'd say a third to half of them are no longer posting. For some of them it's been about as long as it has been for me, and others have signed off more recently with a farewell post.

I can't say that I'm ready to log off for good just yet, but I might be headed that direction. It's not that I don't have stuff to post about... far from it (I'll get to that). I blame Facebook. I make all my inane observations on there now. I also blame Google accounts. I use an old Yahoo email address for this blog that doesn't contain my real name so, to log into it I have to log out of my "actual" Google account. And Google won't let me change my address on this blog to my GMail one. It's just annoying.

So... for now, the blog stays active... well, that's kind of a relative term considering the infrequency of posts!

So what have I been up to?
  • I had to fight to keep my job again this spring due to budget reductions. Luckily it never came to a vote (at least it hasn't yet and school starts in under 3 weeks), but that consumed my energy for a while.
  • Luke was home on leave last month for a little over two weeks. We were constantly on the move... visiting family & friends and doing a little traveling of our own. Luke spent lots of money by buying a truck (which is currently in my driveway but will be going to my parents' house to be stored for the winter) and something sparkly (which is now on my left hand).
  • So now I am planning a wedding for next September. Luke will be back in the U.S. in the spring and will be starting a new job in Washington, D.C. I will be joining him there sometime during the summer. He hopes to get home for another visit this winter.
  • Of course, this means I will be looking for a new job in the spring, which is a little nerve-wracking because, while I always look good on paper, I have never interviewed well. And I have to put my house up for sale in the midst of a painful housing market. If it sells at all I will be taking a huge loss on it. I am almost planning on trying to find someone to rent it, but that is such a hassle as well.
  • Luckily the fur children are doing well and love their new dad... It was amazing how quickly they bonded with Luke... and how sad they were when he was gone.

So... another six months? I'll do my best.

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