Monday, August 14, 2006

We Interupt Our Regularly Scheduled Broadcast...

I'll get back to the East Coast saga soon, I promise, but I just had to share that I'M DONE!!!

(Well, for the summer anyway.)

The last meeting of my last summer class was tonight and I am so happy it's over. The class itself wasn't that bad, but it was entirely group projects. This was fine for the first two projects when I was working with people who could follow directions and pulled their own weight. The last two projects? Well... nuh-uh. Let's just say that I thought the nimwits from my young adult literature class were bad. At least their idiocy didn't affect my grade. Luckily it was two against one for the last project, but for project three I was on my own.

And now I have two glorious weeks before I go back to work. Three weeks before the miniature people come to work. And nearly four weeks before I have another grad class meeting. Still haven't heard anything about my practicum placement, but I heard tonight that I am not the only one. I am really hopeful that I will still be able to graduate in December.

So, for the next two weeks... some work to prepare for going back, but other than that I have a trip to Cedar Point planned later this week. I have a wedding to go to on Saturday. I think I'm going to paint my bedroom. It's been over a year since I painted anything and I'm feeling the urge after helping my friend paint his living room a couple weeks ago. I know... I'm such a weirdo.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Day Two In Connecticut

I've decided that Blogger is trying to save me from myself and that's why I can't post any pictures. Blogger doesn't want me to post any pictures that could be seen by certain members of the community where I work and result in my losing my anonymity. Still it kind of sucks that I can't even put up pictures that don't have that person who looks remarkably like me in them. And I would like to one day be able to post pictures again. But I digress.

Heather and I had decided on Thursday that Friday would be a low key day, one which would (hopefully) afford me some time to work on my collection development take-home final that was due the following Monday. So, we started out the day by sleeping in a bit (we'd been out until after 1:00 a.m. the night before... why did the bars close then? We still aren't sure. Maybe because it was technically a week night). We headed for the mall and had some lunch at Panera Bread. Yummy. I had never eaten there before, but it makes me wish there was one a little closer to home. Then we cruised the mall a bit before heading to JCPenney where we had appointments for pedicures. After our pampering, we set out to find the closest Barnes and Noble so that we could have some Starbucks and mooch off their Wi-Fi.

Well, we found the Barnes and Noble, but not only did they not have Wi-Fi, they also didn't have a Starbucks! The nerve! We moved on to an actual Starbucks and ordered our frosty frappacinos, but they also had no Wi-Fi. So much for updating the MySpace pages (yeah, I know... you'd think I'd learn my lesson).

After the beverages, we headed back to Heather's apartment where I put in a whole ten minutes of work on my final exam, then we readied ourselves for the night out. Somewhere in there I also tried to call my folks to check on the kids, but they weren't home and I couldn't reach them on their cell for some reason. Heather had put in a call to her ex-boyfriend because he had expressed interest in meeting me while I was in town, and, honestly, I wanted to see if I could discover what she saw in the guy. Well, we heard nothing back from him, so we set out to Temple Grill for dinner because Heather raved about the food (and we had met the owner the night before). Before we left, I stated to Heather that I was hoping tonight would be a little earlier night since our plan was to be on an 8:00 a.m. train to NYC.

When we got to Temple Grill, the place was packed and there were already people waiting, but the owner, Chris, came over and greeted us right away. He remembered our names and everything! He wrote our names down and told us it would probably be about a half-hour before a table was ready, so we decided to have a drink at the bar. While we were there, Mom called me back, so I went outside (so I could hear) to find out that the fur children were faring well (Copper was pretty whiny the day I left, but then seemed to be okay). By the time I came back inside, Heather was seated at a table!

"I think Chris moved us up on the list a bit," she whispered conspiratorily (is that a word? It is now).

So, if you're ever in New Haven, eat at Temple Grill. You'll love it. You could tell Chris that Charlie and Heather sent you, but he'd probably give you a blank stare as he knows us by our real names. If he remembers us, that is.

As we were finishing dinner, Heather's ex, S., finally called back. We had suggested that the two of us go to his place and teach him and his roommate, H., how to play Euchre.

("They don't know how to play Euchre?" I asked in amazement when Heather had suggested it.

"They've never even heard of it."

"Wow... I knew it was a Michigan game, but I can't believe they've never even heard of it!")

S. suggested we come over when we finished dinner and we'd decide from there what we were going to do. No Euchre, as we immediately climbed into S.'s Jeep and headed for a bar with an outdoor patio. Not bad, I thought. Then we moved on to an Irish pub, Anna Liffey's. Low key evening over. So loud I couldn't hear my own thoughts. But a happy, 80s music singing crowd at least. We snapped lots of pics, witnessed a brawl between two women, and had an all around good time. The funniest part was when we left the bar and found two random girls sitting in S.'s Jeep right outside the bar.

"Say, uh, what's this you're doing in my Jeep?" S. inquired.

"She said she knew whose Jeep this was!" Drunk girl number 1 slurred.

Alright, I'm thinking, it's 2:00 a.m. We'll go back to S. and H.'s place, get Heather's car and go home and to bed.


S. started serenading us on guitar. He's self-taught, but actually pretty talented. As far as playing goes, that is. He can't sing his way out of a paper bag. But he doesn't seem to know that.

So, while S. played and sang, H., Heather and I played around on the boy's laptops, loading up the pictures we had taken that night and checking out our MySpace profiles.

And then the drama began.

I won't go into detail, but let me remind you that S. is Heather's ex-boyfriend for a reason. And she wanted an apology for something that had occured earlier in the week. Let's just say it took a while.

It was after 5:00 a.m. before I set my alarm to wake me up... at 6:30 a.m.

Suffice it to say that we didn't quite make the 8:00 train.

To be continued...