Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Another month has flown by, but this time I can't say that a whole heck of a lot has happened. It's been just back to work as usual. The year is going well so far. There haven't been any particularly notable events, either good or bad, as of yet. I think I like things that way.

On the home front, I still haven't finished my kitchen. I really thought I'd get started on the trim work this weekend, but I spent all day yesterday working in the yard and today was a house cleaning day. Two weekends ago I was laid out on the couch with the flu and last weekend my folks were at a local antique tractor show, so I went to visit them. I think next weekend is still open, so maybe that will be my chance.

The fur children are adjusting to me being back to work. I think that getting Eddie was very good for Copper. She is no longer confined at all when I'm not home and she doesn't even cry nearly as much when I leave. Eddie, on the other hand, must be confined still, at least for long periods. I've left him out of the crate for an hour or two and he's usually okay, although I sometimes find the recliner tipped over in front of the front door when I return. And sometimes my slippers go for walks. It's very mysterious.

Off to bed. Another exciting week begins tomorrow.

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